I've created a list of the vairous pieces of equipment that I use to create my items and projects.  I hope you find some of this informaiton useful!


Juki Exceed F400 Quilting Sewing Machine

First and foremost, the most crucial piece of equipment is my sewing machine. I used an entry level machine for almost 4 years, but then one fateful evening, it died.

I had been slowly researching my next sewing machine, but I never really pushed myself to make a decision.  The decision was forced the night my Brother died.

I chose the Juki Exceed F400. Primarily, the deciding factor came when I saw Leah Day's Juki Exceed F400 review- she uses it for her Craftsy classes!   You can also see the photographs of the unboxing on my blog.





Juki Exceed F400 Quilting Sewing Machine Wide Extension Table

Since I do quilt, I was in need of the quilting extension table for the Juki!



Design Studio Drafting Table

We are in the somewhat small apartment, so I needed a table that would work in small amount of space and allow me to move around. I found the Design Studio folding drafting table on Amazon and decided to give it a shot. I can move it about the apartment. It does wobble a little bit, but it works for what I use it for.



Huion 23.5 Inch Tatoo Tracing Light Table LED Light Box 

I realized that I would need to be able to draw and trace designs that I had sketched out.   After a little research, I discovered this great Light Table by Huion.   The white LED can cab dimmed and brightened enough to go through many types of paper.  I've been very happy with this table!




American Weigh Scales Table Top Postal Scale, Black

I decided that I needed something to help estimate shipping costs, so I gave this little scale a go!