About Me

I've been in the IT field for over 25 years and had done nothing but computers until sometime around 2014.

My grandmother had been sewing and quilting her entire life.   At some point she started giving me some of her quilts.

One day, a thought struck me.   Maybe I could try doing this!   I picked up a copy of the Quilting for Dummies and set out on this new adventure.

I dabbled in a great many things on the next year.  My first quilt was a disaster and now sits in a box in my closet somewhere.

I've now branched out into wall hangings and small pieces.  I decided that large pieces did not interest me at all, because most of my job entails long, complicated and detailed projects.  I did now what to that for my new found relaxing hobby.

I'm steadily branching out into other types of crafting.  Acrylic painting, embroidery and a mix these tied back into quilting.

I've been steadily adding things to my Etsy shop to help support my hobbies.