Small Batch Soy Candles Are Coming

I found a new interest.  I was nearing 250 or so face masks, when I realized that I needed something that was a little different from sewing.

I had purchased a number of Earl Grey candles from someone in New York and I believe that is what took me down this path.

I have been making slow progress over the last 3 months.  I've had so many mask orders that it slowed my testing down.

As of early September, I believe I have reached the point where I can begin producing the soy-based candles!

In order to keep the candles at a reasonably price, I have decided to go minimalistic. 

  • All soy-based.
  • No color will be added to the wax.
  • Labels will be simple and white, printed from my laser printer.
  • I will start with tealight and 4 ounce mason-style jars.
  • I will add 6 ounce jars for some candles in the nearer future.


These will be steadily rolling out over time...

Christmas Inspired

Red Hot Cinnamon
Alpine Cheer
Christmas Cabin
Christmas Wreath
Cinnamon Stick
Cranberry Woods
Fraser Fir
Pumpkin Pie

Charleston SC Inspired

High Tide
Honeysuckle Jasmine
Ocean Breeze
Rain Water
Seagrass & Sage
Storm Watch
Strudel & Spice
Sweet Grass


Southern Inspired

Boston Tea Party
Flowering Dogwood
Magnolia Blossom
Magnolia In Bloom
Peach Magnolia
Peach Nectar


Banana Nut
Black Currant Tea
Black Tea
Blueberry Cobbler
Coffee House
Cranberry Rhubarb
Earl Grey Tea
Green Tea & Lemon Grass
Hazelnut Coffee
Key Lime Pie
Orange Blossom
Pumpkin Chai


Black Currant Tea & Jasmine
Fig Tree


Citron & Mandarin 
Coconut Lime
Lime Basil Mango
Black Amber & Plum


Fresh Basil
Lemon Verbena
Nag Champa
Pineapple Sage
Rosemary Sage
Tomato Leaf

Spring Inspired

Garden Mint
Very Vanilla

Summer Inspired

Fresh Straberry
Pineapple & Coconut Water
Strawberry Guava
Strawberry Lemon Ice
Strawberry Shortcake


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