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Quilted Acrylic Artwork: Doctor Who Tardis

The University I work at shuts down for about a week each Christmas.  I knew I wanted to try something big and complex over the break and eventually settled on a large Doctor Who Tardis.

Let's roll back to DragonCon 2019.  We decided to go for a day.   Later in the day we found our way to the gigantic dealer room.   I met an artist who specializes in stained glass and stained glass styled window clingers.  I immediately bought the window cling version of his Tardis.   It's even on my window at work, so I see it every day.

New items arriving at my show booth

I have been developing a new of new items that I'm excited to bring to my show booths.  The first 4 are ready to make their appearance at the Indie South Handmade Lovers Valentine craft show.

The first item is a large variety of key chain fobs, featuring a great many fabric combinations.  These are just a few...

Patterned and textured fabric styles...

Floral styles...

Caribbean Waters Quilted Acrylic Wall Hanging

I had a number of firsts this year.

I decided to enter something in my guild's quilt show.  I've been in the guild close to 6 years and was never interested in creating something for the show, but after stumbling across the quilted acrylic canvases, I decided I had finally found something I wanted to submit.

I took the watercolor painted applique last year and wanted to take it up several notches.  I had only been dabbling with it.  Meanwhile, I had been holding onto 3 canvases that I had dubbed Caribbean Waters.  The two techniques suddenly collided. 

Learn More About My Quilted Acrylic Artwork

Thank you for taking an interest in my quilted acrylic artwork!

I've created this page to give you a better understanding about the process that I use to create my quilted acrylic painted wall hangings.

It starts with the lightest weight cotton canvas and each canvas starts out around 28" x 30".  These are cut from a very large spool of canvas- about 6 feet tall!

Why it's So Hard to Price and Sell Handmade

The original version of this article was lost when I upgraded my website software, so I decided to rewrite it! I  think it's much better now.


There's a bottom line to this article: There are a several factors and perceptions at work that make it difficult to price handcrafted items.

I see it as an intersection between the art you are making and the person who could buy it.